The 8 Best Homemade DIY Stain Remover for Carpets
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Homemade DIY Stain Remover For Carpet – Introduction

If you need a good, cheap stain remover for your carpet, here are eight dependable recipes using ordinary household ingredients. These homemade DIY carpet stain removers are non-toxic and quite fast-acting.

Remove Carpet Stains With Borax

You can remove stubborn carpet stains by mixing 1 1/2 cup of borax with 2 cups of water preferably warm. Form and apply the paste directly to the carpet stain.

Allow the paste to settle in for at least 30 mins, then vacuum as usual. Wipe the area with a warm damp cloth and dry.

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Repeat the process if any carpet stain remains.

Remove Carpet Stains With Acetone

Treat the stained area on the carpet with acetone in a well-ventilated space. Using a dropper, drip the carpet stain with isopropyl alcohol, then dry well. After roughly 10 mins, mix dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the diluted dish soap solution on any remaining carpet stains, and wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Remove Carpet Stains With Baking Soda

Use mainly baking soda. Add a 1/2 of Borax, warm water and 1 cup of Baking Soda.  The mixture will help to whiten and cut stain.

Add tea tree oil for odor.

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Remove Carpet Stains with Corn Starch

For carpet odors and stains, sprinkle cornmeal, borax and baking soda on dry rugs, let this mixture settle for 25 minutes. Afterward, add soap-water and wipe carpet stain with a clean rag or towel.  Vacuum.

Remove Carpet Stains with Vinegar

Rinse with the carpet stain with cold water and mild laundry detergent.  Let the solution settle for several minutes. Using hot water rinse the carpet stain and treat the area with white vinegar.

If stain remains treat with boiling hot water and vinegar. Dry in sunlight.

Remove Carpet Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Treat carpet stains immediately with cold salt-water. Soak in hydrogen peroxide for up to 30 mins. If stain remains add baking soda to hydrogen peroxide & rub into the stained carpet. Brush the area off once dry.

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Rinse well with cold water with laundry detergent.

Remove Carpet Stains with Lemon

Soak the stain in cold water. Using dish soap or laundry detergent, rub the stained area. Once the area is dry, wet a sponge with lemon juice and dab into the carpet, add salt to the area and leave to dry in the sun.

Rinse with water and Repeat.

Remove Carpet Stains with Salt

It is best to treat carpet stains as soon as possible. Flood the area with loads of cold water and then pour salt on the stain.  Let the salt settle in for an hour or overnight. Vacuum salt and rinse thoroughly.

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