How To Clean Non Washable Wallpaper

Wallpapers are great for most DIY projects and require very little skill to install and maintain. when it comes to wall accents and styles, wallpapers are always a thing. Like most wall accents, non-washable wallpaper needs to be maintained because even non-washable delicate wallpapers accumulate dust, marks, germs, and bacteria. However, with a few ingredients, you can keep non-washable wallpapers looking superb and germ-free.

How Often to Clean Non-Washable Wallpaper

Nonwashable wallpapers should be cared for at least once every two to three months. Noticeable dirt or stains should be wiped away with a damp-dry microfiber cloth immediately. Stains caused by oil, pens or splatters may be removed using a surface wipe with vinegar. Do not use solvent cleaner, acetone or any strong chemicals on nonwashable wallpapers.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Before you begin, remove dust from the non-washable wallpaper by using a microfiber cloth. You would want to do this by wiping very softly in a vertical motion. Never rub.
  2. Mix together warm water, white distilled vinegar, baking soda, and mild dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle.
  3. To clean non-washable wallpaper, spray the mixed solution about 12 inches from the wallpaper. Wipe in a smooth vertical motion, do not rub. Do not over-spray the non-washable wallpaper with the solution or rub too hard.
  4. Clean of the mixed solution and remaining residue with a microfiber cloth.
  5. Allow the non-washable wallpaper to air-dry completely.
  6. Double-check for tough remaining stains and remove them with a white pencil rubber eraser. Brush the area off with a soft cloth and repeat this step if needed. Do not brush too hard.