How To Clean White Quartz Countertop

Welcome to my article about how to clean a white quartz countertop!

I’ll go through a number of tips and tricks to keep your white quartz countertop clean below, but first, let’s discuss what quartz actually is and why it needs cleaning to begin with.

What is Quartz and Why Does it Need Cleaning and Maintenance?

The quartz that is used for countertops is created using a combination of ground quartz and resin.

This creates a smooth surface that is more durable than other materials, plus it looks fantastic in any kitchen.

This type of material also doesn’t need to be sealed regularly, making it a much more low-maintenance option.

Of course, you still need to keep your countertops clean, especially those that you use for food preparation.

Not only does this help maintain their lovely appearance, but it also extends the life of your countertops.

Since these pieces can be pricy to replace, the longer they last, the less money you’ll have to spend on upgrades.

Quartz is one of the more stain-resistant materials, though if you’re going to use white quartz in your kitchen, you still need to be careful to prevent any discoloration.

Leaving liquids, foods, or other items that can transfer their coloring to the quartz could cause some unwanted damage, so regular cleaning and maintenance is a must to keep them looking as good as new for as long as you can.

How to Clean a White Quartz Countertop After General Use

white quartz countertop

Your countertops deal with a lot during the day, including food preparation, drink refills, and dirty dishes.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to give them a good cleaning every day, regardless of how much use they are getting.

This prevents any build up from forming, which can make them more difficult to clean when you get back to it.

You don’t need any special cleansers for the daily cleaning of your white quartz countertop.

All that is needed is a mild dishwashing liquid and some warm water, as follows:

  1. Combine the mild dishwashing liquid and warm water in a bowl
  2. Dip a soft sponge or cloth in the mixture
  3. Gently but thoroughly wipe down your entire counter

Be sure to check the areas that you’ve wiped to ensure you’re not leaving any crumbs or other debris behind.

If there is any stuck-on food, you may need to do a bit more than just wipe it. Scraping it off may be the only way to remove it.

For this, you’ll need a putty knife, which you can use to gently scrape away anything that won’t wipe off easily with a cloth.

Once you’ve removed the debris, you can give the counter another wipe with the soap and water mixture.

If it is clean, dry it with a soft towel to remove any moisture to prevent watermarks or the growth of bacteria.

For the best results, clean your white quartz countertops as soon as possible after using them to make this process easier.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains From a White Quartz Countertop

Quartz is stain-resistant but this doesn’t mean that these can’t still form, especially on a white countertop.

These stains can be caused by a variety of things, like spaghetti sauce, red wine, or even permanent marker.

Though these stains won’t be removed easily with regular dishwashing soap, there are a few other cleansers that you can try to get your white countertops to their original coloring.


Greasy residue won’t wipe off easily with a gentle cleanser, so you may need to bring out the big guns in the form of a degreaser. Be sure the one you use is safe for quartz, as not all of them are.

Apply the degreaser wherever needed on your countertop and give it a minute or two to loosen up the grime. Then wipe it off.

You can repeat the process if needed to remove the most stubborn areas.

Once the greasy areas are removed, you can wipe them with the dishwashing soap and water mixture to get rid of any residue.

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is another good option for removing stains and other hard-to-remove residues.

You only need to spray it over the countertop, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off.

Be careful which one you choose, though, since some of these contain chemicals that are too harsh for quartz.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol kills most of the germs, bacteria, and fungi that could be trying to make their homes on your countertop, so using it here is a great option.

You can use it to disinfect the entire area without damaging the quartz material by spraying it on and leaving it for up to 5 minutes.

Then wipe off the alcohol, wipe the counter again with warm water, and dry it.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning a White Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are coated in resin, which is what gives it the shine it’s known for. Though lovely, this resin can be damaged more easily than you may think.

The strong acidity or alkalinity in some of the harsher cleansers can damage the coating, removing the resin and dulling the surface.

Such cleansers can include bleach, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, and even nail polish, so keep these away from your white quartz countertops.

High temperatures can also damage the coating on the countertops by melting it and eliminating that eye-catching shine.

Using mats and trivets beneath your hot cookware is a must to prevent this damage.

Even citrus drinks can ruin a nice coating, so keep those drinks off the counter or at least use a coaster beneath your glass.

How to Protect Your White Quartz Countertop from Damage

To protect your white quartz countertop from damage, there are a few things that you can do.

First, clean up any spills as soon as possible after they occur. This prevents stains from setting into the material and makes it easier to clean the counter.

Using a cutting board is also a good idea. Despite how durable quartz is, it can still be damaged when a knife is used to chop or slice directly on top of it.

The blade could create scratches and nicks on the surface of the countertop, which dulls that otherwise gorgeous shine. A cutting board prevents this type of damage.

Avoiding the harsh cleansers that were mentioned above is also a must. Check the instructions to be sure your cleanser is safe for this material to prevent any damage to the resin coating.

Also, don’t put any hot items directly onto the counter either to keep the resin from melting.

How To Clean A White Quartz Countertop – Conclusion

I hope this article has helped you learn the best ways to keep your white quartz countertop clean and sparkling for many years to come!

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