Planting and Growing Monstera Aerial Roots

Monstera aerial roots are a part of the Monstera plant.  The epiphytic plant, also known as”fruit salad plant,” which refers to a plant that is fast-growing and can grow up to 70ft tall. The Monstera plant has aerial roots and big-hearted-like leathery leaves that resemble a heart. Monstera deliciosa aerial roots adhere and produce a thick blanket on the ground when it is not supported.

Although the plant is produced more for its interior decorating and landscape purposes and value, it still has food and medicinal value.  The monstera plant is harvested year-round and mostly throughout the summer months.

Soil Conditions.

The monstera deliciosa aerial roots should be in soil that is rich in nutrients – it is drought-tolerant and prefers well-draining soil.

Aerial Root Cutting.

If you find the monstera aerial roots growing out of the pot, you can try to tuck them back in. On the other hand, cutting them will not harm the plant, you can cut the monstera aerial roots if it gets too long and disorderly.


Although, the plant is reasonably drought tolerant, dipping the monstera aerial roots in water periodically will result in better growth production.


Mulching the monstera aerial roots will help to retain soil moisture and improve the overall soil conditions. It is recommended to use wood mulch with layers up to 3 to 6 inches thick.

Pest Problems

Generally, the monstera plants are not prone to insect or plant disease problems.

What to do if the monstera aerial roots are rotting or dying.

Continue to give the monstera aerial roots water, when needed. If after 1-2 weeks you see no change in health, cut off the rotting or dying part of the monstera plant, doing so will prevent the dieback.