Discover The Best Type of Paint for Furniture
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Type of Paints  


Revamp your furniture and give your home a new aesthetic – the place you love. Whether you want to target the bedroom, kitchen, dining, living room, patio or a simple DIY project piece. Learning more about the best type of paint to use when tackling such projects is the ideal way to give your furniture a well finished and trendy look with just a few insights into the right paint.


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Everyone has a place that inspires and gives off energy, why not make that place your home. Enjoy the pleasures of painting and make your home a place that you can love for years. There is a wide variety to choose from when considering the best paint for your furniture. Not just any paint though, paints that are best suited for furniture, oil-based, latex, acrylic and specialty paints like that of aluminum paint. Behind every type of paint are its pros and cons. Let’s shed light on which type of paint will be best suited for the job in front of you.


It is our goal to provide you with more insight on how to determine which paint is best for furniture.

Type of Paint Finishes

When choosing a paint sheen, always remember that paints are available at different finish levels.

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Flat paints have a matte finish and are usually provides little to no prep/priming on most surfaces.


With a tad bit more shine than a flat paint, Eggshell paint makes it simpler to clean and offers a more radiant appearance.


Satin paint is a trendy finish that is usually recommended for most pastel colors aesthetic. Although it’s shine is on the low side, like eggshell, it is easier to maintain than that of flat paint due to the fact that Satin has a higher binder content.


Out of all the other finishes, Semi-gloss paint is best for furniture because it is more durable and washable. It handles light pretty well and holds up great for furniture that gets extensive wear.

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The high-gloss finish offers the most exquisite appearance. It is tough, yet washable and can endure a log of extensive wear, moisture, grease, and dirt. Perfect for furniture that can be found in the kitchen or restroom.


Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint for furniture is the most recommended choice,  with excellent durability and diversity. It adheres better, making acrylic painting unlikely to flake. The biggest benefit of acrylic paint for furniture is its exceptional color selection and Exceptional color and unsurpassed quality. It is available in multiple finishes to bring your project to life.


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Acrylic painting goes on smoothly and also releases low amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which is good for the environment. Because acrylic paint is mainly waterbased a primer is recommended for the paint to bind better to the furniture. Acrylic paint has quick drying times, making it easier to apply multiple coats for a thicker finish.

To maintain this paint type is quite simple. We recommend moderate use on the furniture, with the cleaning of dish soap, and water.


Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint for furniture is not quite as popular as acrylic paint, however, it has advantages over that of latex paints. It binds better to chalky surfaces forming a nice hard coat and extending heavy coverage when dry.  It is great for repainting an area that already has existing paint based on the that it contains certain ingredients like resins and thinners that quickly evaporates when drying.

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However, oil-based paint is not without its disadvantages either,  especially due to its strong odor and its extremely slower drying time. It also has a need for turpentine and solvents for clean-up, making it unfriendly for the environment.


Latex  Paint

Similar to acrylic paint, latex paint is water-based paint, making its application easy to apply and its cleaning process quite simple. Latex paint is also non-flammable and quick to dry. It does not crack as easily as oil-based paint.  Unlike oil-based paint, they do not use solvents and expend far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC).

If you consider this type of paint, always go for quality, high-quality latex paints has better coverage and binding, which provides superior durability on many surface styles.

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Aluminum Paint

As a specialty paint, aluminum paint is blended with a resin base. It is not only good for interior painting but external painting as well. This type of paint also works well on surfaces that are heated, like ovens and grills or any other surface that may be exposed to a high volume of heat.  Aluminum paint is also best suited for Furniture, wood surfaces, tool sheds, mailboxes, and fences.

One of the biggest advantages of aluminum paint is its excellent durability and resistance, adhesion and flexibility. It is good for weather and water resistance, making it an ideal option for the patio furniture.


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