Guest Bathroom Essentials: How To Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Welcome to my article about guest bathroom essentials!

It’s nice having guests over, and if you’ve got a friend or relative staying with you, it feels good to provide a clean, comfortable place for them to stay.

Everyone always thinks to make up the bedroom, but the bathroom that your guest will be using is just as important.

Below is a list of essential items that I always have in my guest bathroom to ensure my visitors enjoy their stay.

I’m sharing it with you so that you may provide the same level of accommodation for your guests too! Let’s dive in.

Guest Bathroom Essentials: The Checklist

The items in this list are what I like to keep in my guest bathroom to ensure that my guests have a comfortable stay.

You can pick and choose the items in this list to create the right bathroom for you. This list should be used more as a guideline than a rulebook!

With that said, let’s get right to the list:

Wastepaper Basket: A wastepaper basket is a necessity in every bathroom to ensure your guests can discreetly dispose of their toiletries and cosmetic items, such as make up wipes, tissues and Q-tips.

Make sure your bin has a fresh liner in it every day.

A Toothbrush Cup: Most guests won’t want to leave their toothbrushes lying around the sink. A toothbrush cup or some other type of holder will keep things sanitary.

Hand Soap: Imagine what your guests will think of you if there is no hand soap in the bathroom.

In this day and age, an antibacterial variety is best. If you can find one in a fun, funky scent, even better.

Tissues: Tissues will come in handy for a variety of hygienic and cosmetic needs. Make sure there is a fresh pack on the toilet tank.

Bath Towels: Nice, thick, clean bath towels will make your guests feel like they are living in the lap of luxury.

In addition to large towels, you will also want to include smaller ones for the hands and face. Make sure there’s a clean set there every day.

Toothpaste: Your guest may have brought their own toothpaste but it’s a good idea to have a backup for them just in case.

Plush Bathrobe: A plush bathrobe will make your guests feel right at home.

Get a nice comfy one that they can wrap themselves in after the shower and lounge around in when they are relaxing in their room.

A Shower Cap: Some people wear shower caps, and some people don’t, but it never hurts to have one handy.

Shampoo and Conditioner: If your guest is traveling by plane, it will be hard for them to take shampoo and conditioner with them.

Be accommodating by having some bottles in the bathroom they can use – you can even check what type they like before they arrive!

Moisturizing Lotion: This is another item that’s hard to take on a plane. Adding a bottle to your bathroom will allow your guest to enjoy soothing, comforting moisture.

moisturizing lotion in guest bathroom

Air Freshener: Let’s face it, the bathroom is prone to unpleasant odors.

Your guest will feel a lot more confident if you leave an air freshener in the room.

This can come in the form of a spray, a plug-in device… even matches will do the trick.

A Bowl of Potpourri: While an air freshener can get rid of unpleasant odors that linger, you may also want to put something in the room that makes the air smell fresh every time your guest enters.

A small bowl of potpourri on the sink ledge or toilet tank is ideal for this, as long as it doesn’t take up too much bench space.

A Bath Caddy: A bath caddy is great for holding multiple toiletries like shampoos, soaps, conditioners and more.

Get ready for the visit by making sure your shower is equipped with one.

A Bathmat: It’s advisable to get a bathmat to place right in front of the tub.

It will absorb moisture, protect your guest’s feet from the cold tiles, and ensure they don’t accidentally slip and hurt themselves.

Non-slip microfiber is best as it will dry quickly and prevent moldy odors from developing.

An Area Rug: A rug can be combined with a bathmat to absorb moisture and protect feet from a cold floor.

Find one in a vibrant color to add cheer to your space.

Shower Curtains: it’s likely that you already have shower curtains or some sort of shower door.

But if the curtains are looking dingy, now is a great time to change them out.

Find a pair that features a color that matches your bathroom or has a motif that’s meaningful to your guest.

First Aid Kit: You never know when your guest will feel under the weather.

Make sure they have first aid items that will make them feel better like pain relivers and bandages, just in case.

Toilet Paper: You can never have too much toilet paper in a bathroom.

In addition to having one on the roll, you’ll also want to have some extras in the cabinet.

Storage Space: Storage space is great for stashing extra toiletries and linens.

And you never know what your guest might need the space for.

Fortunately, most bathrooms come with cabinets, but if you feel yours is lacking, consider adding a small standalone closet or a storage device that hangs off the door.

Wall Art: Make your bathroom look more attractive by adding wall art that matches your bathroom’s design scheme.

Mirrors: Mirrors are a bathroom essential.

It’s likely there is at least one in your space. If it’s not well lit, consider adding some sort of lighting device.

You may also want to add a full-length mirror if there is none there already. It shouldn’t be too difficult to hang one on the door.

A Laundry Basket: A bathroom is a place where people take off dirty clothes.

Instead of making your guest stash worn items in their luggage, provide them with a laundry basket.

Let them know they are welcome to use your washer and dryer as well.

A Soap Dish: A soap dish is a good thing to have handy if you plan to put bar on the sink.

It will keep the soap from dissolving and making the area slippery and sloppy. Be sure to place one in the shower as well.

soap dish in guest bathroom

Other Essentials: There are several essentials that will make your guest feel more at home.

These include floss, mouthwash, an extra toothbrush, cotton balls, Q-tips and more.

These items are relatively inexpensive, and they will go far in creating a warm welcoming.

Reading Material: There are plenty of people that like to read in the bathroom.

Make sure yours is well stocked with books, magazines and more.

Place them in an attractive magazine rack for added panache.

A Toilet Brush: I won’t talk too much about how this item will come in handy.

Suffice it to say, it’s best to have one hanging around.

A Clock with a Timer Function: There are rarely clocks in a bathroom but having one can be very useful for keeping someone on track.

If your clock has a timer function, even better.

It will keep them from having to drag their cell phone in to time tooth brushings and other daily routines.

Plunger: A plunger will keep embarrassing situations minimal.

Towel Hangers: Towel hangers will allow towels to dry and keep them off the floor.

If you don’t have any installed in your bathroom, consider hanging one or two on the back of the door.

Soap Pump: A soap pump isn’t a necessity, if you have a soap bottle with a built-in dispenser, but it will add a sense of class to your bathroom.

It also allows you to save money by buying refillable bottles.

Guest Bathroom Essentials: Quick Tip

I know the list above can be a bit overwhelming, or maybe you’re simply unsure what items would be most useful for your guests.

In this case, the best thing to do is to ask your guests what they would like directly!

Not only does this allow you to have everything your guests will need prepped and ready, but your guests will also really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It’s a win win situation for everyone, and is the best way to ensure that your guests not only feel welcomed, but also have a lovely stay!

Guest Bathroom Essentials: Conclusion

If you are expecting company, you want your home to look its best.

These tips will ensure the bathroom has a warm, welcoming vibe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article!

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