Intro on How to Make an Artemisia Wreath

Getting Started With Artemisia

You can make an Artemisia wreath within an hour using very few materials, and it is quite affordable. To save money, you can obtain artemisia plants at your local home depot, which often will run you into a couple of bucks, so the entire DIY artemisia wreath project, depending on the size of your wreath, can be made for a little under $25-$30 bucks. Artemisia wreaths also make pleasant and memorable gifts, even for somebody who thinks of themselves as plant-impaired. Just follow the instructions below to guarantee that you have an artemisia wreath that’s free of mistakes.

Artemisia wreath making is a light, cheerful DIY project, and a great bonding experience to create with family, friends or wine night with the girls.

Things You’ll Need.

  • Gloves (optional)
  • Floral Paddle Wire
  • Wreath ring
  • Add-ons decorations: dried herbs, dried flowers or ribbons
  • Clippers or wire cutters.

So, let’s have fun! You can really use any artistic theme when making an artemisia wreath. You can go with earthy tones, colorful, floral, plain, seasonal or traditional decorations. We encourage you to channel your creativity during the wreath design process.

How to Make an Artemisia Wreath.

  1. Gather your materials, and prepare your working station.
  2. Select your artemisia plant and a 12” wreath ring.
  3. Cut your artemisia plant into 3-5” pieces.
  4. Wrap the paddle wire a few times around one area on the wreath ring base, moving from the outside to inside of the ring. This will secure the wire.
  5. Make a bundle using the artemisia plant and a variety of dried flowers. You can mix the bundles or singularize it.
  6. Using the paddle wire, connect the bundle to the center of the wreath wire base. Do this by wrapping the wire around the bundle, do not cut the wire.
  7. Make a second artemisia bundle of the same size and align it near the top of the first bundle. Be sure you hide the stems of the first bundle. Wrap tightly 2-3 times with paddle wire.
  8. Continue this process, by repeating steps 4-7 until the ring is fully covered.
  9. Once done, add extra wiring to secure the last bundle, cut wire.
  10. Spray the artemisia wreath with a preservative.
  11. Use a pick to add ribbons, bright accents, and dried flower petals.
  12. Hang the wreath.

Helpful Tip!

When hanging the wreath, you can choose to use a thumbtack, wreath hanger or an old fashion nail. Enjoy!