What Are Wax Melts and How To Use Them

Wondering what wax melts are? Or how to use wax melts? Maybe you’d like to learn more about wax melts vs candles, the benefits of wax melts, or what to do with the leftover wax.

If you’ve got questions on any of these topics, then you’ve come to the right place! Below I’ll answer all these questions about wax melts and more! Let’s dive right in by first discussing exactly what wax melts are.

What Are Wax Melts?

what is a wax melt

Example of a wax warmer – Click the image to view on Amazon

Candles are terrific for filling your home with a lovely scent and adding a cozy sense of ambience. But they can be difficult to deal with.

For example, you can’t keep a candle burning if you’re leaving the house or going to sleep.

You may also begin having difficulty with the wick and structure of the candle after multiple uses.

Wax melts solve many of these problems as they are ideal for single use purposes.

They are bite sized pieces of wax that melt in a wax warmer, releasing a wonderful scent as they do.

They fill the house with a great aroma and add a comforting vibe without the safety issues and high maintenance of a candle and it’s flame.

How to Use Wax Melts

Wax melts are heated in a wax warmer that features a ceramic heater or light bulb.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use one.

Find the right wax warmer: Wax warmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to find one that’s specifically meant for wax melts.

If you choose the wrong type of warmer, it may get excessively hot causing your wax to melt immediately and making for a potentially dangerous situation.

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Get the warmer ready: Once you get your warmer home, read the directions to ensure you are using it safely. The warmer may come with a built-in light bulb or tea light.

If it has a bulb, make sure to remove any plastic from it before you start heating the melt. Wipe down the warmer. If you’re using liner, place it on top of the warmer.

If the warmer pieces require assembly, set the bowl on top of the base. If you’re using the warmer with a silicone dish, you won’t need to put the liner on top of the dish.

Add the wax melts: Wax melts are available as cubes or smaller pieces. If you are dealing with a cube, break off a 1 oz piece and put it in your warmer.

If you are using smaller pieces, throwing 2 or 3 into the warmer should get you the desired effect. Do not add water or oil.

Turn on the warmer: if you have an electric warmer, all you need to do is find a safe place to put it, plug it in and switch it on.

Make sure the cord does not hang over the counter and keep it off hot surfaces.

If the warmer has a timer, turn it on for the desired amount of time. If it does not have a timer, you should set a separate timer to keep track of how much wax you are using.

You should also keep an eye on the warmer to ensure there is no wax overflow. Do not move the warmer when there is hot wax in it.

Turn the warmer off: After you are done with your melt, turn the warmer off. This may happen automatically if you have a timer.

Once it’s off, unplug it from the wall. Let it cool before removing the wax.

Remove the wax: Once the wax is cooled, you will need to clean it out of the warmer. This can be done by scraping out the wax, removing the liner, or, if you have a silicon dish, you can simply pop the wax out.

Then clean the warmer by using a paper towel to wipe down the area where the wax was inserted. Baby oil will help for an easier removal.

Then use a warm, wet soapy sponge to clean the dish. Wipe the unit down with a dry cloth.

You can reuse your wax: Melting wax will not dissolve, but it will lose its scent over time. You can use it as often as you’d like until the scent disappears.

And even then, you can continue reusing the wax in several ways as discussed further down this article!

Benefits of Wax Melts

wax melts vs candles

Another example of a wax warmer – Click the image to view on Amazon

Wax melts provide several benefits including the following:

They are Reusable: Wax melts are reusable so you can recycle them again and again. You can use them in your warmer or for a variety of other purposes. You can even use them as regular wax after the scent goes away.

They Run on a Timer: Some warmers run on a timer. If this is the case, the timer will turn itself off. You won’t have to worry about leaving it burning to cause a fire risk.

Relatively Safe: Wax warmers require electricity, or they warm via a tea light under the bowl. Either way, there is no exposed flame. This greatly reduces the risk of fire.

Affordable: Wax melts require a lot less materials to make than candles, so they are a more affordable option.

No Paraffin Wax: Most candles are made of a paraffin wax that may emit carcinogens. Wax melts are commonly made of soy wax that’s safe, environmentally friendly and can also be vegan and cruelty free.

Convenient: Wax melts are convenient to use. Just pop one into the warmer and you are good to go. The compact size of the melts and warmers also make them easy to store or travel with.

Control the Fragrance: A wax melt allows you to control your fragrance. Pop a small chunk into the warmer for light scent. Use a larger chunk for a stronger aroma.

No Soot: Wax melts do not produce soot that can stain furniture and surfaces and negatively affect one’s health.

Customize Fragrances: You can mix and match wax melts to come up with your own custom fragrances.

Less Waste: Most candles come in a glass or metal container that’s likely to get thrown out once the candle burns. A wax melt does not require those materials and, therefore, produces less waste.

Wax Melts vs. Candles

Now let’s take a look at how candles and wax melts measure up.


Winner: Wax Melts

Candles have an exposed flame while wax melts do not. This makes melts the safer option. Also, many wax melts run on a timer so you don’t have to worry about not blowing them out if you’re going out or going to sleep.

Environmental Friendliness

Winner: Wax Melts

Unlike candles that require glass or metal containers that often get thrown out, wax melts produce little waste. The fact that they are just balls of wax with no wick makes them easy to reuse and recycle.

They are also more likely to be made of a soy wax that’s kinder to the environment.


Winner: Wax Melts

Wax melts are less expensive than candles.

Soot Factor

Winner: Wax Melts

Candles produce soot, wax melts do not.


Winner: Wax Melts

Both wax melts and candles are relatively easy to use. They are also both compact and easy to store. However, unlike wax melts, candles cannot be traveled with as they may break.


Winner: Wax Melts

With a wax melt, you can cut off smaller or larger pieces to get a more or less powerful aroma. Candles don’t give you the same option.

And while you can burn two different candles at once to customize the fragrance, it doesn’t provide as much of a blend as you will get when combining wax melts in a warmer.

What to Do with Leftover Wax

One terrific benefit wax melts provide is their ability to be reused. You can pop them into the warmer again and again until their fragrance wears off, or you can recycle them in the following ways:

Make a Scented Pouch: You can combine the leftover wax and put it into a small pouch. If the pouch closes, great. If not, you can sew together your own closing pouch to envelope the wax.

This can serve as a sachet that can be put in underwear and sock draws or anywhere in the house that you want to smell terrific.

Make a Candle: You can also make your wax melts into a candle. Use a jam jar or coffee can as your container. A candle wick can be bought in most craft stores. Use a glue gun to glue the wick into the center of the can or jar.

Then warm up your wax in the wax warmer and allow it to cool but not solidify and pour it into the can.

Note, you can pour the wax in layers allowing each to solidify before pouring the next. This will allow you to make a multi-colored candle that looks as terrific as it smells.

Put it in Your Garbage Cans: Garbage cans can sure smell nasty. The next time you change yours out, put your wax melt inside the rim and secure it with sellotape. This will neutralize the odor keeping it smelling great.

Use it in the Bathroom: The bathroom is another location that could use some odor neutralization. Put your wax melts in a dish next to the sink or on top of the toilet to fill the room with a pleasant aroma.

Wax Melts: Conclusion

As you can see, wax melts are a wonderful, safe alternative to candles. I hope this article has helped you get some ideas on how to use wax melts, why they’re more beneficial than candles, and what to do with the leftover wax once you’re done using it.

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