What To Do If You See Signs of a Mice But No Droppings?
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The signs of a mice or rat in your home is not only alarming but could also cause damage to your clothing, food, home, and worst your health. But it’s hard to tell when you see all the other signs but no droppings.

The number of droppings present can estimate how many mice or rats are currently in the household. So, the lack of mice droppings might not necessarily be a bad thing, seeing that there hasn’t been a large infestation, maybe a single mice that has found its way indoor. Nevertheless, it means the population size is so small that you can handle this matter without having to bring in professional pest management with common traps and baits.

What to do when there are signs of a mice or rats in your home?

When there are signs of a mice or rats in the home, there are several steps that can be taken to subdue any impact on your household and health.

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Take Precaution

  •  First, secure all groceries in sealed bags or containers
  • Discard any food or liquid that may have come in contact with the mice or rats.
  • Sterilize and sanitize any utensils before use.
  • Practice good hygiene when preparing food. (Wash hands and wipe down countertops).
  • Do not sleep or lie down on the floor.
  • Wear slippers or socks around the house.


Using traps for a mice or rats is preferred over poisons.  The best trap to use is the“snap trap or glue trap”. You can find these kinds of traps at your local convenience store.

  • Use Bait with pieces of fruits, vegetables, cotton ball peanut butter or bacon.
  • Attach the trap firmly to the floor using two-way tape to avoid the mice or rat from carrying the trap away.
  • Place the trap in a safe-spot to avoid harm to people, kids, and pets.

Poisons are not recommended in a household where kids and pets are present.

Helpful tip!

  • Placed dead mice or rat in a paper or plastic bag, then dispose of it in the outdoor trash. Wear gloves at all times.
  • After disposal, wash hands with hot water and mild detergent soap.