How to Whiten a Yellowed Down Comforter or Duvet
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With proper care, your down comforter or duvet should be able to last you for years. It is recommended that you should wash your down comforter or duvet every 6-8 weeks if it used consistently. Improper washing and care will result in a damaged and yellowed down comforter.

If the down comforter or duvet is not in continuous use, stored the comforter in a vacuum storage bag. This will help to store space and keep the down comforter white and clean.

Ideally, a down comforter should be washed separately. every if it is small in size. You may want to rinse the down comforter more than once to remove the excess cleaning components.

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The washing directions below will support you in obtaining the best use and appearance for your down alternative comforter or duvet.

Things You’ll need:

Directions when washing down alternative comforter

  • Step 1: Fill the washing machine about 1/2 of the way with warm water. You will need a large-capacity machine. Each comforter may vary, so do a quick label check for the ideal temperature setting.
  • Step 2: Pour in all ingredients into the warm water and wait until ingredients dissolved completely.
  • Step 3: Add comforter to the washing machine and then fill the rest of the machine will cool water. Set the machine on two rinse cycles to avoid remaining residues that may harden the down comforter. Manually reposition comforter during the washing cycle.
  • Step 4: It is best to use dryer balls and a low heat cycle when drying comforter. To dry the comforter steadily, remove from the down alternative comforter from the dryer, toss down comforter and put back in dryer midway through the cycle. Allow comforter to dry completely before removing to avoid mildew.
  • Step 5: Appreciate your clean and newly whiten down alternative comforter.

Helpful tip: It is not recommended to bleach, steam or dry cleaned the down comforter.