How To Get Rid of Aphids on Hoya Plants

Aphids on Hoya plants (Hoya carnosa) are one of the most common pest problems of ornamental household plants.

Although Hoya plants can withstand being grown indoors, it is important to keep this houseplant, partially shaded in well-drained, acid-medium potting where its stalks can cascade over the potting showcase its waxy foliage and unique bloom.

Aphids may try to settle on your hoya plant if it grows in warm and humid or less desirable conditions. Keep the hoya plant clean and pulverize the pests as soon as you see them.

Here are 3 ways to get rid of aphids on hoya plants.

1. Syringing Plant

Aphids can be controlled, by washing the hoya plant periodically with a spurt of water.

2. Insecticidal Soap

To get rid of aphids, treat the hoya plant with insecticidal soap. Combine, baking soda, water and 2 tsp of insecticidal soap. Gently wipe down the hoya plant with the mixture using a soft cloth.

3. Alcohol

Spraying alcohol is a useful technique when controlling aphids on hoya plants. However, using too much alcohol on plants may cause damage or leaf burn. Carefully and in moderation test a tiny part of the plant if you opt to use this method.

4. Horticultural Oils

Diluted sprays of oils such as petroleum and other essential mineral oils are great ways to get rid of aphids on hoya plants.  The oil acts as a suffocating agent to the pests.

5. Neem and Neem Oils

Neem is generally a founding ingredient for insecticides, its disruptive to insect growth and useful for controlling on developing aphids and other insects. Neem oil can also be used as a Horticultural oil.