How To Deadhead Daisies and Why It Is Important
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Why is it important to deadhead daisies?

Plants like Livingston, Gerbera or Shasta daisies differ much in their nature, but in nearly all cases, deadheading daisies must be done routinely.

Deadheading encourages a more productive flowering and helps to maintain a nice appeal for your garden. It’s good to remove dead flowers from your plant to promote more growth.

Nevertheless, the time allocated for deadheading is indeed rewarding, by removing dead or dying flowers,  you reduce the chances of pest problems and plant diseases.

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For most gardeners, deadheading daisies ensure a rich blossom of new flowers in the subsequent year.

How to Deadhead Livingstone, Gerbera or Shasta Daisies

Deadheading daisies is a simple method.

  • If the dead or dying flowers seem to be developing in the space between the leaf and the stem of the plant, gently snip the Livingstone or Shasta daisies as close as possible to the stems.
  • If you find the flower buds are lower side on the flower, deadhead the plant all the way back to this new flower.

That’s all there is to it! Your daisies will thank you by growing thicker and fuller, and catching less pests or diseases throughout the season.

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