Is Celosia Deer-Resistant for Your Garden?

Celosia plants (also known as Cockscombs) are in fact deer resistant. It is important to state that no plant is 100% deer-proof, plants like Celosia are Seldom Damaged by deers and would be best fitted to categories as deer resistant.

Although, it is still recommended to plant Celosia’s or any other deer-resistant plants with additional security such as fencing. Weather conditions and deer populations in your local area are also factors when taking plant security into consideration.

Deer Resistant Plants: Celosia

Scientific name: Celosia cristata
Pronunciation: see-LOE-see-uh kriss-TAY-tuh
Common name(s): Cockscomb, Crested Celosia
Family: Amaranthaceae
Plant type: annual

Celosia’s have a light and fluffy plume types that vary in colors. Although not poisonous, they are seldom severely damaged by deers.

Celosia will is best suited to the garden it is also not pruned to pest problems. However, leaf spots may seldom attack Celosia but the dilemma is not serious.

Consider planting these plants in your garden to not only keep the deers at bay, but to add color and texture to your flower beds too!

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