How To Use Newspaper To Block Weeds

Newspaper Mulching, also known as paper mulching has been used for quite some time to block weeds from growing in shrubs by covering the soil. The newspaper helps the soil environment which then provides better plant growth.

Degradability of Newspaper

Newspaper mulching is either fully or partially biodegradable. The quality and type of newspaper used will have a notable effect on the degradability. It is recommended that you evenly cover the soil with the newspaper to prevent uneven degradation, which may result in more unusual weed growth. Drenching newspapers with vegetable oil can lengthen its usage time by preserving the condition of the newspaper.

There’s a minor disadvantage to using vegetable oil to coat the newspaper, as the coated paper will make it difficult to lay and handle. However, treating the newspaper with oil will help maintain the soil moisture.

How To Use Newspaper To Block Weeds

  1. Remove existing weeds before applying mulch.
  2. Put a 2-3 inch layer of newspaper over the base of the plant, ensuring that no newspaper comes into contact with the plant.
  3. When adding a newspaper around plants or trees, the newspaper should stretch away from the plant to the drip line.
  4. Restore or replace the newspaper as it disintegrates when it decomposes.
  5. Provide follow-up care.

The advantage of using newspaper to block weeds on soil and plant growth

Apart from suppressing weed growth, a Newspaper has commonly been used for vegetable planting including tomatoes, corn, cabbage, etc. Newspaper can modify the soil temperature to aid in better plant production, higher soil temperatures can be helpful in seasons and areas where it is required.