How to Fix Shower Diverter Pull-Up

Fixing Diverter Pull-Up Faucets

Like most three-handle shower faucets, Diverter pull-ups are often in need of repair when you are experiencing valve leaks—either fixing it or installing a replacement is the best route to solve the issue. If you find that the diverter valve is leaking in shower mode,  it can cause you to waste both water and water heating energy down the drain!

Note that the instructions of this DIY might not be compatible with your shower, because there are several different types of three-valves. So, if you find this article a bit hard to follow it is recommended to stop fixing the shower diverter pull-up and call a plumber.

Things You’ll Need

  • Knife
  • Philip’s Screw Driver
  • Socket Wrench


  1. Stop the Water
    Stop the water supply by turning the shutoff valves or by disabling the house’s main water supply. If you do not see the shutoff valves look by the pipes closer to the shower.
  2. Remove Plastic Button Cover with a knife
  3. Using a Philips screwdriver, unscrew and remove the handle.
  4. With the socket wrench, remove the sleeve from diverter, there may be grout, cement or caulking.
  5. Replace the diverter.

Helpful Tip

Some diverter pull-ups may make it difficult to replace, without opening up the wall. We would highly suggest you call a plumber or maintenance person that has a fundamental understanding of basic plumbing.

Be very cautious not to destroy the shower wall or piping system.