Indoor Use of Malathion and Safety

Families should know that the use of malathion indoors is illegal and should not be sprayed inside the household to kill insects. Spraying indoors will lead to toxic exposure for you and your family. In almost all cases, improper use of malathion may turn homes into toxic waste sites.

Make sure that you hire a licensed professional, certified to apply pesticides.

How does malathion work

Malathion eliminates insects by malfunctioning their nervous system. For Instance, when signals are sent from one healthy nerve to the other, a chemical messenger between the nerves sends the message, a protein is then released in the space between the nerves, and the nerve signal stops.

Malathion works by releasing a bind to the protein and preventing the signals from stopping, the nerve signals become overloaded, causing the insects to become paralyzed, unable to breathe and they die.

How does malathion affect people and animals

Like insects, malathion can cause a nervous system to break down in people, pets and other animals – if the exposure is too high.

 Safety Procedures

  • After using malathion, users should wash and sanitize their hands before doing other activities, such as, eating, sleeping, drinking or using the toilet.
  • Do not enter the house with the clothing used when handling malathion. If you find yourself in the same clothing, remove them immediately and discard them.