15 Top Shoe Problems A Cobbler Can Fix
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Cobblers are wizards in their field, who have mastered the art of shoe repair. It doesn’t matter if the shoe is severely worn and torn, a shoe cobbler has the necessary skills to restore its condition as if it were a brand new shoe.

A shoe can have several life-spans in the care of a cobbler. Shoe cobblers are in possession of exceptional machinery that does all the work, from stitching to finish.

What can shoe cobblers do?

Whether you’re in need of a minor shoe fix,  a simple shoe stretch or a more complicated footwear adjustment, shoe cobblers have the professional experience and workmanship that allows them to understand footwear and how they can best modify and solve any shoe-related problems.

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Here are the top 15 ways a Cobbler can fix your shoes


Did you know that shoes can be maintained?  Cobblers offer cleaning, shoe & boot shine, waterproofing shoes, stretching shoes, sanitization and deodorization, and other related services.

Shoe Hardware

At some point, we all threw a pair of shoes away due to a missing buckle or hook. A cobbler can repair buckles, hooks, snaps, zippers, belts, sliders, elastic and velcro.

A High or Short Heel

A cobbler can change the height of the heel of your shoe by heel Inserts/external heel raises and adjustable heel lifts.

Chunky Heel to Stiletto or Stiletto to Chunky

Every thought of turning your chunky heel into a stiletto? Cool, right! A cobbler can change the thickness of a heel, whether it’s skinny to wide or wide to skinny.

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Cork Wedge Heels & Sandals

A cobbler can repair cork wedge heels, sandals, and soles.  They also offer related services like fixing the strap on wedge shoes.

Rubber Replacement Heels

A cobbler can fix the rubber on your shoes, heels, and boots. Shoes are worn more comfortably with rubber caps, soles or heels.

Peeling Shoes, Sandals & Heels

A cobbler can fix peeling shoe wear, shoes, sandals, heels, and boots.

A Broken Heel,  Bent Heel or Shaky Heel

A cobbler can repair a broken heel, bent heel or shaky heel.  They can also fix a broken heel cap or cup and a collapse heel collar.

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Repair Running Shoes

Let’s hold on to those Nike or Adidas shoes a bit longer. A cobbler can make a running shoe look brand new by fixing its running shoe heel lining, resoling and refurbishing its condition.

Straps Amendments

A cobbler can repair, tighten, or adjust the length of your shoe strap so they are the perfect fit for you.

Resole Shoes with Rubber soles

A cobbler can add resole shoes with rubber soles, even if the shoe were damage at the bottom.

Replacement Soles & Heels

A cobbler can add replace the soles on your shoes or heels.

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Pedorthic Shoe Repair

When it comes to Pedorthic Shoe Repairs, a cobbler can add build-ups, inserts, and stiffening.

Dance Shoe Repair

A cobbler can repair or remove old heel or toe taps and install new taps.

Shoe Dye Repair

How cool would it be to change the color of your leather shoes, sandals, boots or heels? Well, a cobble offers shoe dyeing services to allow you to do just that.