Crystals For The Garden

Welcome to my article all about crystals for the garden!

Before I get into the specific crystals that are best for your garden and plants, first I’ll discuss the benefits of adding crystals to your garden and the different ways you can place them around and throughout your plants.

Benefits of Adding Crystals to Your Garden

Crystals are beautiful stones that are said to provide benefits to health and wellbeing.

You can put them anywhere in your home, but the garden is an ideal place to display them.

Here are some ways crystals can enhance your outdoor areas:

Added Aesthetic

Crystals come in a variety of colors and textures. They catch the light perfectly when placed in an outdoor setting.

You can include them in your flower beds to add the perfect hues.

Consider including crystals that provide the perfect complement or contrast to the color of your blooms.

Adds a Positive Energy

Various crystals are said to bring different kinds of energy into their surroundings.

They can be used to improve health, invigorate the spirit, ward off negative energy, increase positivity and promote healing.

Research carefully to determine which will work best in your gardens (we go through some of the best for gardens below!)

Once placed among your greenery, crystals will infuse the area around them with the powers and energy they offer.

This can benefit you when you are gardening, but they will be even more beneficial to the plants around them.

For instance, a tree agate crystal promotes abundance so it will help weak plants grow stronger. Onyx and dark colored crystals are said to keep pests away.

Brings Harmony to the Garden

Different stones represent the four elements on the earth; fire, water, air and earth. The right combination will bring balance and harmony to the garden.

This will be optimal for the health of the plants, and it will make the garden a soothing place to be.

Once your garden is infiltrated with crystals, you may use it as a place for quiet meditation.

Helps Butterflies

Crystals’ shiny surfaces attract heat. This makes them an ideal landing pad for butterflies looking to dry dew off their wings.

Where/How to Place Crystals in Your Garden

There are different schools of thought when it comes to where and how to place crystals in your garden.

Some prefer to place them near the roots of plants so they can absorb the energy.

Others make a shallow hole next to the plant and bury the crystal there so it will come in direct contact with the roots.

Others will place their crystals around with an aesthetic in mid. They may use them to form decorative patterns throughout the garden or they may place them in bird baths and fountains.

You could also color co ordinate your crystals with the colors of your plants and flowers, or even hang them off tree branches for gorgeous light-catching accents throughout your garden.

Best Crystals For Your Garden

There are several crystals that work well to harmonise and energise a garden. Here are a few of the best crystals for your garden:



Malachite is a green stone that will blend in well with your garden.

It has veins of various shades of green and large raw pieces so it will stand out among flower beds as a shiny twin.

It represents fertility, abundance, and transformation so it will assist with growth.

It also reduces electromagnetic (EMF) radiation that can harm plants and cause premature death.

Moss Agate

moss agate

Also known as the gardener’s stone, moss agate is said to promote health and wellbeing.

It’s swirling green hues have a soothing, natural appeal.

It is said to bring balance to the garden through grounding and harmony.

In addition to helping your plants thrive it may also enhance their fragrance making for a soothing aroma throughout your property.

It is available in small and larger sizes.

Green Calcite

green calcite

Green calcite has a light green color and an icy look that will pop in any garden.

It is said to provide nourishment and energy that will help your plants flourish.

It also reduces stress bringing a peaceful vibe to your garden and the plants that live there.



The moonstone represents fertility. It was often used by Native American people to promote a soothing energy to plants that were not flourishing.

It pulls from the tides to inspire growth and regeneration and harmony.

It has a lovely, icy white color that reflects other hues and introduces a calming presence.

It may be most effective in helping plants dig roots deep in the ground to ensure they will bloom with health each season.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is said to be the best crystal to have in your garden, home or office as it is a master healer.

It is said to boost vitality. It can also increase the powers of other stones when placed in proximity. It will turn up the power on the positivity around it.

It is recommended for adding fertility to the soil and promoting healthy growth in plants.

You will be best off resting it on the soil close to the plant to it can infuse it with its powers.

However, it should not be kept in direct sunlight. It may bounce the light off its surface to cause a fire in flammable areas.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose quartz is known for inspiring loving energy. It will bring peace and calm to your garden and fight off negative emotions.

Its gentle nurturing power will help seeds sprout while enriching the color of leaves and encouraging flowers to bloom.

When placed near edibles, it will boost their nutritional content.

Its lovely pink color will be the perfect complement to your pastel buds.

Allow it to rest on soil to infuse it with its positive vibrations.



Citrine is said to carry the energy of the sun. It will clear negative energy and aid with regeneration.

When placed in the far back left corner of the property, it will bring wealth and abundance to the garden.

Its highly protective properties will keep negativity away.

Its vibrant orange color will complement your flowers beautifully.

Tigers Eye

tigers eye

Tigers eye is instantly recognizable due to its marbleized pattern that resembles, well, a tiger’s eye of course!

When placed in the garden, it will help roots grow with strength and vitality. It also promotes wealth and harmony.

Its protective powers make it great for helping baby plants grow.

It is also useful in helping veggies develop a high nutrition content.

Crystals for the Garden – Conclusion

As you can see, crystals not only offer a range of positive, nurturing energies for your garden, but they can also bring an aesthetic and calming appeal to the space.

I hope this article has helped you find the right crystals for your garden so that it can grow and flourish!

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