Are Snapdragons Poisonous To Cats?

Are Snapdragons poisonous to cats? Despite talks that the beautiful, colorful snapdragons are poisonous, there’s no fact to the matter.

Snapdragons are not only harmless to cats but are also safe for kids, and certainly non-poisonous to dogs, according to the University of California.

So do not be alarmed if your cat or dog begins to bite down on your grounded snapdragons—or if it just so happens to stumble upon them while on an early morning walk. You can be content knowing that they are completely non-toxic.

However, some humans may react differently towards snapdragons due to allergies or sensitive skin.  So there is a good chance you may experience skin irritation like a rash or red itchy spots.

How to Use Snapdragons

Not only are snapdragons not poisonous, but the pleasantly attractive flowers can be used in different ways, past simple flower arrangements,  home decor, garden decorations or, a centerpiece.

Optimally, snapdragons can be used in a few other forms.

    • Medical: traditionally, snapdragons were used as a diuretic and to treat liver disorders. The plant also has the ability to treat inflammation and hemorrhoids.
    • Oils: The extract of a snapdragon is often used as middle notes in romantic fragrances. The note is fantastic and can be worn for the whole year!
    • Culinary: Chop up the flowers because snapdragons are edible. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have the best standalone flavor but can boost other dishes and make an awesome decoration for deserts. It can also be used in salads or teas.

Tip for Snapdragon Plant Owners

Snapdragon plants are prone to insect pests like mites, aphids, leaf-miners and a variety of foliage-eating caterpillars.

Daily monitoring of the plant is important for early detection. When plant problems and infestations are discovered sooner it makes it easier to control.

Neem oil or insecticidal soap is a great way to solve pest problems.

When applying pesticides, it is your responsibility to read the label instructions carefully and thoroughly.