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Let’s Talk & Contribute

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Interested in being apart of the HumeShed community and would like to know exactly are we’re looking for?

Here’s what we need: So, we are definitely interested in characteristic essays and social analysis with vast and wide outlook, We would like our prospects to write smart articles with innovative journalism. We need narratives that shows passion and tells a story that only you can.

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What we do not need: plagiarism, copy and paste articles, irrelevant pieces

Let’s Date, we would like to know you more:

  • Are you witty, fair, clever, imaginative or original? Do you have strong people skills that echo through your writing and grammar skills.

Does this sound like a relationship that you will be interest in?

If yes, then awesome! here’s what to do:

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  • Shoot us a message using the contact form below with an outline of your intentions and a summary (maybe one paragraph) of personal characteristics and the type of writing that you do. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible if we think you’d be a good fit to work with us!