Top 5 Easy Ways to Clean Seashells
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Whether you’re fresh off vacation, took a self meditating stroll on the beach, or just a seashell collector, there are a few cleaning choices that are as easy and safe to use when cleaning seashells.

Seashells are one of the most fascinating things that you can find when relaxing at the beach, I mean, have you ever seen an abalone seashell? I really don’t think that there is anything else that you can find buried in the sand that is so intriguing, vibrant, bold, and colorful to look at.

Seashells are one of life’s free small treasures that you want nothing but to carry home with you. It makes for a wonderful, yet satisfying a day at the beach.

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So, how do you clean such treasures?


1. Standard dish soap.

Consider cleaning seashells with dish soap. Standard dishwashing detergent can make cleaning seashells a breeze.

Try this mixture for getting seashells twinkling clean:

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  • Mix one part of warm water with dishwashing soap and baking soda in a bowl.
  • Dip seashells into the mixture and rinse under cold water.
  • Wipe seashells with a clean microfiber cloth.

2. Use hydrogen peroxide.

You might want to think about cleaning seashells with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizing agent that works well for cleaning seashells. Pour a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide on a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off any sand, grime, and the scuff of the seashell. Rinse

3. Try muriatic acid.

Although chemically strong, cleaning seashells with muriatic acid is one of the best methods. Muriatic acid can help restore the shell by stripping away dull layers and revealing a fresh, vibrant layer.


4. Old fashion baking soda and boiling water.

Yes, I know, cleaning seashells with baking soda is beyond simple, yet it works! Most importantly, it’s chemical-free. Just pour baking soda into warm water until it dissolves. Sprinkle and stir the seashells and let sit for about 5 mins. Wipe each shell with a microfiber cloth.

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5. Cook them, literally!

There’s nothing like cooking seafood with nothing in the shell! Kind of took the fun out of it huh? Clean seashells by boiling.

Simply, boiling seashells in the water for 3 minutes, let the water cool down before removing seashells. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

This will not only disinfect them but offer a dull-free surface.