Make Your Own Homemade AC Coil Cleaner
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Usually, we want nothing more than having our appliances last a lifetime without giving them any attention.

Ideally, if your household or company has an air conditioner, then you probably figured out that’s not really going to happen.

Like most appliances, air conditioners require routine maintenance to prevent malfunctions and inefficiencies.

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AC Coil cleaning is one of the most effective approaches for maintaining the cooling and functionality of the air conditioner, yet it’s can be over-interpreted and generally undervalued.

Even if you value coil cleaning, you may wonder if you are doing it the right way.

Follow the instruction below for a successful AC coil cleaning.

Things You’ll Need.

Mixing Homemade AC Coil Cleaner

Mix together alcohol, vinegar, mild dish soap, and cornstarch in a new spray bottle.

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For best results, do not use an old spray bottle that may contain prior chemicals.

Be sure to label the spray bottle for easy identification and store it safely, away from pets or kids.

Spritz the coils with the mixture, wipe with a sponge or soft bristle brush, and rinse.

Basic Homemade AC Coil Cleaner Formula

Only have alcohol and vinegar? No problem.

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Mixing together alcohol and white vinegar can be just as effective, even without the other components.

Although this solution less abrasive and may not work well on stubborn debris, it makes quite a fast-acting air conditioner coil cleaner.

Best Free Tool for Wiping AC Coils

Sometimes the best things are free! It’s a true saying.

You’re probably wondering if you can use an old rag or towel,  and sure you can – if it is clean.

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But even clean rags and towels can leave lint and paper residue behind.

Another great alternative, the traditional newspaper!

It is a common household item that can leave your ac coils without streaks and residue-free.

Helpful tip

The maintenance steps for proper caring of your air conditioner coils at the start of the summer will get your ac unit in top shape for the months to come.

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Be sure to check and clean the filter as needed.