How to Get Rid of Milkweed Bugs Naturally

Natural milkweed bugs control calls for a subtle approach, considering that these bugs are not actually considered pests due to the plant being its host. Smart removal of milkweed bugs can limit their multiplication, which may be your best route removing milkweed bugs naturally. Optimally, you would want to stay away from the use of chemical bug sprays, that may harm to monarch eggs. At the same time,  using such harmful chemical sprays may affect your health and nervous system.

Before You Start

Most times, to get rid of bugs naturally, all it takes is steady gentle flushing of lukewarm water from a hose to knock off any milkweed bugs. To prevent damage and overwatering, be sure not to flood the plant in heavy water.

Natural Milkweed Bug Spray

Milkweed plants are needed for the growth and development of monarchs caterpillars and at full peak, the monarch butterflies need the milkweed plant to lay eggs.  Use this natural spray when the scouting for milkweed bugs to control the population and monitor any future outbreaks, routine spraying of the solution will help to get rid of milkweed bugs naturally, but still safe around monarchs.

Things You’ll Need

  • Mild dish soap
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Garlic Juice
  • Warm Water
  • Spray Bottle

To make a natural milkweed bug spray, simply add mild dish soap and cayenne pepper with 1 cup of warm water. Pour it into a spray bottle.

To use the solution, spritz the milkweed foliage and pay special attention to the stems and leaves since that is where most milkweed bugs usually assemble. Gently scrape off the existing milkweed bugs with a soft bristle brush and spray the area with the solution, again.  A warning, while this spray is deemed safe for humans, it does contain cayenne pepper that may cause irritation to the eye.

Natural Garlic Spray

Natural bugs removals have traditionally included garlic, as part of their pest-combat agent. Apart from being therapeutic, Garlic has one of the best pesticidal ingredients, which, is due to the effects of its sulfur and antifungal containing components. These components mixed in the dish soap solution also get rid of milkweed bugs naturally.

To make a natural garlic spray, pulverize four to five cloves of garlic, and then mix it with dish soap and warm water. Pour into a spray bottle and shake well.  Let this solution sit overnight to gain its full potency. Store or dilute as needed.

It is recommended that you pre-test this spray by isolating a portion of the milkweed plant. If there are no visible signs of discoloration, or deterioration of the plant the following day, it is safe to use. If you happen to notice the leaves turning yellow, then you should dilute the solution and spray it again. Once it is deemed safe to use, spritz heavily the underside of the leaves while spraying lightly the entire plant.

How To Get Rid Of Milkweed Bugs – Helpful Tip!

Sometimes, natural pest sprays are non-selective and can get rid of beneficial pests like ladybugs.  It is best to pre-test an area of the plant before attempting to use both chemical or natural sprays.