How to Clean Suede Headboard

Suede headboards come in every design and style that you can imagine, and they are definitely a fashion statement. With proper care, you can increase the life-span of your headboard for a very long time.

While you’ll find that although there is a lot of various type of suede headboards on the market, the same cleaning techniques apply to common types like faux, nubuck, and microfiber.

Things You’ll Need.

  • Mild Dishsoap
  • Spray Bottle
  • Warm Water
  • Cornstarch

Before You Begin

Pre-test your suede headboard mixing and spraying a little amount of soap and warm water to an obscure part of the furniture. Blot dry with a clean white cloth. Spray with cool water, blot with a soft cloth and air dry.

How to Clean a Suede Headboard

To keep the headboard looking its best, use a soft brush. The soft bristle brush will loosen dirt and dust. For areas on the bedhead that appear to be pressed, buff with a microfiber cloth.

For stubborn suede stains, mix together mild dish soap and warm water and pour into a spray bottle and spot clean. Rinse the area by blotting with a clean damp white cloth. Try not to get the suede headboard too wet and allow to air-dry before using the headboard.

Once the suede headboard is fully dry, brush well using the soft bristle brush. Be sure the headboard is completely dry before resting head against it.

How to Remove Oil from Suede Headboards

Suede headboards are not vulnerable to perspiration and hair oils and will probably need to be cleaned regularly and correctly.

Hair oils and other oily stains can be spot blotted with cornstarch or remove by the traditional hairspray. Allow the cornstarch or hairspray to settle on the oily stain for several hours and then blot-brush away. Repeat if necessary.

Regular Cleaning

Remember that frequent dusting prevents dirt and dust from settling into the headboard daily. Regular cleaning is necessary, even if you cannot see it. So, please be sure to dust or vacuum weekly, the future of your furniture depends on it.