How to Deal with the Negative Effects of Smudging

There are many reasons spiritual people like to burn sacred herbs, we all essentially know that smudging creates a path for good and clean energy to flow throughout our homes and workspaces. Ridding your space of “negative” energy or spirits will build a more nurturing and healthy body for your soul.

Does Smudging Work?

It’s science really! To understand how smudging energy flows,  you must first understand the science behind it. When you smudge (or burn sage) the smoke goes into the air and emits negatively-charged ions and connects with the positive ions present. Ideally, negative ions are good for cleaning and energizing the air, on the other hand, too many positive ions carry harmful particles that can cause damage to cells and have an effect on your mental health and feelings signaling stress, anxiety, and depression.

However, although smudging is worth a try, there can be some negative effects of smudging.

Can Smudging Make Things Worse?

Although smudging is used to purify the air and get rid of “bad” energy, it still involves some degree of burning and smoke. Inhaling a considerate amount of smoke can have you feeling tired after sage cleansing. If you are a smudging beginner, it is usually recommended to perform this ritual in a well-ventilated area. Remember to open a window or door before burning the sacred herbs. After all, you wouldn’t want to trap the negative energy inside.

How to deal with the Negative Effects of Smudging

Optimally, smudging is not to be compared to smoking cigarettes. It’s just that a burning substance can accumulate over a period of time causing respiratory problems, like asthma, etc.

To eliminate the negative effects of smudging, try using air purifiers or diffusers. Not only will the diffuser help with the elimination of bad toxins in the air, but it promotes a calm, stable atmosphere for the body and soul.