Top Ways to Unclog Underground Outdoor Drainage Pipe
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No matter the location of the drainage pipe, a clogged drain is anything but fun. Luckily, it’s often a quick fix for most homeowners will traditional drainage pipe systems. However, with outdoor drainage pipe systems, it can get a bit complex. Here are a few procedures that can help you unclog underground outdoor drainage pipe.

Pipe drainage systems are typically laid under buildings to connect hygienic pipework, which is located at a distance from the building. Always remember, safety first! Be sure to use eye protection, safety gear, and gloves when performing an outdoor task.

Unclogging Methods for Underground Outdoor Drainage Pipe Systems


Entrance to drainage systems is usually warranted for the removal of debris that may be clogging the pipe system.  Underground outdoor drainage pipes allowing for rodding in both directions. Rodding peepers provide a view for a clear sighting of debris. Rodding is a very easy way of unclogging drains, it can be effective and often used for most blockages.

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Do not operate a rodder machine, if you are standing in a puddle of water or if the drainage system was once cleaned with chemicals.

Water Jetting

Water jetting is now used broadly and is often the recommended technique for general underground outdoor drainage pipe cleaning, maintenance, and the removal of debris.

During the water jetting pipe cleaning, a hose is fed into the pipe, normally downstream and the waster is jetted out at very high pressure. while simultaneously jolting the hose back and forth while to wash away the debris stored inside the pipe. This water jetting technique is really effective in removing debris caused by grime, grease, and oil.

However, the effectiveness of water jetting decreases based on the pipe diameter. For pipes passing 100 m in length, the method of water jetting may not be as effective.

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Bucking Machine

A bucking machine is quite familiar to damage sewers. This machine can only be used in semi-clogged pipelines so that the line can be threaded through one manhole to the next manhole. The downside to using this machine is the time that it takes to set it up.


Although, flushing is not very recommended due to its lack of effectiveness in removing strong and solid debris. It can help in temporary success for debris removal from one section to another in the underground drainage system.

Safety Notice

It is important that you follow the regulations as detailed in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.