17 Ways to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

Nobody wants a dull and confined and uninterested living room, I’m pretty sure, you also don’t want to change the space into a hoarder-like space, either. If your living room is starting to seem out of whack, it’s probably time to arrange your awkward living room space. We don’t mean removing unnecessary items but relocating most items in your living room to a more suitable space in your home.

Once you enhance your living room space using these 17 ways, it’ll be an ideal spot for hosting and entertaining visitors. without having to apologize for an untidy space!

How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

Checking out other nicely arranged living rooms is an awesome way to get inspired and learn how to arrange furniture in your awkward style living room.

1. A Warm and Delicate Living Room

how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room

Credit: maheen muhammed

If you want to go with traditional this year, consider pulling inspiration from this traditional room. The delicate traditional decor is warm and cozy and nails the standard brown and beige color scheme. When arranging furniture, look for pieces that go hand in hand and compliments one another.

2. A Bright and Organic Living Room

arrange furniture in a bright living room

Credit: Sidekix Media

However, If you would like to separate yourself from tradition this year, consider taking a look at this amazing room arrangement for inspiration. The organic decor is fresh and natural and emits a warm and inviting color scheme.

3. Artistic and Vibrant

artistic living room furniture arrangement


This living room is a cozy, blue, vibrant, and artistic. It is a welcoming space that will make you want to paint by the beach. Incorporate a few of your room’s aliveness with some new artistic centerpieces when using this look.

4. Burnt and Cozy

cosy furniture arrangement

Credit: Wes Hicks

There’s a reason autumn decor color schemes are so trendy: They can be simple to enjoy and they look warm and cozy. tan sofa and burnt orange color accents add a nice touch to a cozy space.

5. Keep it Masculine

furniture for a man cave

Arranging your living room doesn’t have to be an extensive undertaking. Check out this masculine contemporary piece, with a nice balanced look that doesn’t overpower the place.

6. A Touch of Curtsy

arranging furniture in an awkward living room

Credit:Maiar Shalaby

Anytime can be a good chance to show off your whimsical side. This cute and curtsy decor becomes the fun of game night. And with a living room this adorable, how could you resist.

7. Earthy Worm

warm toned living room with furniture

Credit: Patrick Perkins

The saying “The earth is what we all have in common.” proves to be true when it comes to an earthy living room space. A Burst peace using air-purifying leaves and organic elements is striking, it doesn’t feel suffocating or out of balance.

8. Cozy and Blue

cool toned living room with furniture

Credit: Greg Rivers

When arranging your living space, it’s essential to consider the size of your space and furniture. This inspiring room has tall ceilings, so the arranger has less furniture to showcase the space of the room. It doesn’t matter what size your living room is, make sure your furniture spacing balances with the proportion with the rest of the living room.

9. Sophisticated Red

red toned furniture in living room

Credit: deborah cortelazzi

It’s more than okay to reserve your freestyle. Try taking a minimalistic living room space approach, like in this clean, yet sophisticated room. At first glance, it may appear to be a bit plain and simple, but simple can be beautiful.

10. Pattern Fun

modern furniture arranged in awkward living room

Credit: Dan Gold

Can you see the beauty in this living room?  Whether it’s an apartment living room or a house, there’s a way to arrange your space the right way. Play with patterns and add you funky accented touch.

11. Woody Blue

living room space

Credit: Ionut Vlad

There’s never a bad time to play with music, but this is definitely a good look to play with. This Woody Artistic Blue living room adds a bit of music to the atmosphere. If you are musically creative,  your decor should be too, arrange your furniture by adding a little song to the living room.

12. Personal and Cozy

personal and cosy living room

Credit: Patricia Rieder

Surround your living room space with things you love! Enjoy a sleek and clean decor that is cozy and personal.—arrange your furniture to get that personal touch. This little living room is not overly done, and that’s the great part about it.

13. Play and Date

bright furniture in living room

Credit: Jens Behrmann

If you are drawn to a fun, colorful, and abstract aesthetic, you’ll love this living room idea. The playful look and beautiful color palette will spark conversations and set the tone to of a bright and wild decor.

14. Book Lovers

books arranged in living room

Credit: Alex Simpson

You love reading, so why not arrange your furniture some gritty book elements? This living room pictured is effortless to the core, and the wooden librarian books and shelves aesthetic give it a distinct must-read look.

15. Semi-Industrial Blue

industrial living room

Credit: Antoine Gayraud

One of the best things about arranging furniture is playing with the angles and centerpieces. If you’re like me and you manage to like everything in your home, then maybe you should use them. Fill your living room area an industrial-chic urban vibe.

16. Modern Sleek

modern living room

Credit: Aw Creative

No color? No problem. We love how this living room is modern and sleek. It’s a great way to open up smaller spaces. If you want, you can shake up your space using accent colors or art pieces.

17. Tropical Vibes

arranged furniture in odd shaped living room

Credit: Georgiana Sparks

This pink tropical living room has a subtle island feel style to create an astonishingly alluring space. You arrange your furniture and living space by adding pastel art and refined pieces.

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