Are Mosquito Coils Poisonous?

Lots of homeowners wonder is mosquito coils are safe or poisonous. Babies and pets have a strange habit of finding odd things to munch on—anyone who has kids or pets knows exactly how infuriating it can be. Not only is it frightening and dangerous, but it can cause severe harm to our loved ones. So, let’s list a few facts about mosquito coils to avoid any devastating situations from happening.

Is mosquito coil harmful to humans?

Although, mosquito coils are effective and work well in outdoor areas. We’re very sorry to tell you, but mosquito coils can be poisonous if digested, and can allergic reactions and breathing problems. Most commercialized mosquito coils contain allethrins, a nest of synthetic compounds that are usually found in insecticides.

Components of commercialized mosquito coils.

Allethrins are synthetic pyrethroids, an artificial form of a chemical that is naturally found in the chrysanthemum flower. The artificial compounds have a low level of toxicity for humans.

Mosquito coils are toxic to both dogs and cats if ingested. Symptoms of pyrethroids poisoning includes an affect on the liver, thyroid, nervous and immune systems.