Homemade Viper’s Bowstring Hemp Snake Repellent

Are you searching for an ornamental, yet natural snake repellent for your home? If you want to keep snakes off of your lawn and out of your household, but you aren’t quite open to the idea of using chemical-based snake repellent sprays or oils, viper’s bowstring hemp is another choice to consider.

Viper’s Bowstring Hemp commonly known as ‘snake plant’ is air-purifying and environmentally friendly. It is a good natural snake repellant that is chemical-free, However, it can be toxic to both humans and pets, if ingested.  They seem to be long-lasting house plants that never seem to die or dry-out. It is safe to say that the viper’s bowstring hemp is tolerant of low light and drought.

Using Viper’s Bowstring Hemp as a Spray Repellent

Like many animals and pests, snakes hate the smell of viper’s bowstring hemp, so they’ll try their hardest to avoid it. So, feel free to use these tips to your advantage by making a viper’s bowstring hemp repellent to use on your lawn and home perimeter.

To make your homemade viper’s bowstring hemp snake repellant spray, you’ll need a fan-type nozzle spray bottle, white distilled vinegar, pulverized viper’s bowstring hemp, and water.

Producing your snake repellant spray is quite simple. Begin by diluting the white distilled vinegar with water, mixing one part vinegar and 2 parts water. Add to the mix, the pulverized viper’s bowstring hemp. The more concentrated the mixture is the more snake-repelling power you would have.

Before You Spray

Before applying your homemade viper’s bowstring hemp repellent, be sure to shake the solution well. Apply the mixture to the lawn, using the fan type nozzle spray bottle. Be careful not to spray it in your eyes or inhale too much either, a facemask and goggles should be worn at all times during application.

Allow the mixture to air-dry on the lawn for about 30 minutes, you can let the pet and kids outside. Repeat this snake repellent method every couple of days to maintain its potency. You can also spray around the household and keep a few viper’s bowstring hemp plants within the home as a preventative measure.

Helpful Tip!

Do not apply the viper’s bowstring hemp repellent right after rain or watering, it will reduce the effectiveness of the snake repellent. You may want to hold off on mowing the lawn for 1 to 2 days. Be sure to spray the lawn evenly.