How to Clean Wood Heater Glass-3 Easy Methods

A wood Heater is used to heat the room or as an appliance used for boiling or light cooking by burning
wood as fuel. Since it burns wood we often get burned soot as residue that is needed to be cleaned. Other
dust and particles are also left on the glass of the Wood Heater glass. A question may come in to your
mind as to how many times we need to clean the wood heater glass? It is advised that a wood heater
glass is to be cleaned at least 2 to 3 times a year. In this Humshed Blog, we will discuss on how to
clean wood Heater Glass by using any of the 3 Easy Methods.

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Why is it Necessary to Clean Wood Heater Glass?

Due to build up deposits on the wood burning glass the soot and ashes overflow leaving a mess it is
mandatory to clean the wood heater glass. Besides it also saves space inside the wood heater glass
and keeps it safe. Unburned buildup of acidic compounds left by the wood heater can make the
heater glass cloudy. Besides due to combustion process of wood being incomplete sulfur dioxide can
mix with moisture released from woods to form sulfuric acid and this chemical reaction causes
corrosion which will eventually cause rusting. Also it looks better to the eyes if the glass is cleaned.

Why does the Wood Heater Glass Turn Black?

The Wood Heater Glass Turns Black due to 2 Reasons:
(i) If the flow of air is improper, log burns weakly producing excess smoke and soot builds up quite fast.
(ii) Unseasoned Wet Wood may cause weak burning of logs.

What not to do when you have to clean wood heater glass?

When we suddenly notice that our heater glass is not clean we rush to clean it which might be harmful for
us or the glass. So we should abide by the following when cleaning wood heater glass:
1. Do not spray or sprinkle water on wood heater glass as it may glass to crack and eventually
2. Do not try to clean your wood heater glass when there is a fire burning inside or the glass surface
is still hot. It is recommended to wait until the glass is at normal temperature.
3. Use gloves while cleaning as chemical reaction occurs in the wood heater glass.
4. We should never use sharp or hard objects to clean wood burner glass as it may damage the
surface of the glass by leaving scratches or cracks.

5. The smoke from wood-heater glass gives birth to hazardous air pollutants so it is advised to
always use mask when cleaning as these small particles can cause damage to your health if it gets
inside during inhaling.
6. Remember to not use too much water on the glass adjacent to the wood to prevent the wood from
rotting and falling apart.

wood heater

wood heater

How to Clean Wood Heater Glass Easily-Method-1

Things you need to get started:

This method is easy as it comprises of soft cloth, old newspapers, ash left behind from the burning and
soapy water.

The Process of Cleaning Wood Heater Glass:


We need to use a soft cloth to wipe the inside of glass. We will dip the soft cloth in slightly
warm soap water and rub in circular motion and this will get rid of some of the soot.


We then take the old newspapers and squeeze it by hand to make it into ball so that we can use it
as a scrubber by adding soapy water and wood ash. We will rotate it over the glass in a circular motion
until most or all of the soot is removed.


Use another of old newspaper; dip into clean water and rub to remove the soapy effect.

Step 4:

Finally we need to use a clean soft cloth to wipe away any residue left behind and we get a clean
wood heater glass.

Cleaning Wood Heater Glass Using Vinegar Solution:

The Vinegar Solution is the most recommended method since vinegar is powerful cleanser due to
being acidic in nature and can dissolve dirt, mineral deposits and grease. The steps to Clean Wood
Heater glass using Vinegar Solution comprises of The following Steps:


Make sure that the fire place is extinguished and there are no hot woods.
Items Required: 3 Paper Towels, Vinegar solution and Glass Cleaner.

1. Removing Soot and Loose Ash:

We need to use paper towel to wipe away soot and any loose ash from the glass of the wood heater. You
can also use soft clothing for the purpose.

2. Make a Cleaning Solution:

We need to mix Vinegar and water to make the solution in the ratio of 1:3 and insert it in a spray bottle.
Using a clean kitchen cloth/ paper towel, spraying the solution over the glass we gently polish the glass.
Repeat the step until soot is removed completely.

3. Final Cleansing:

If you are not satisfied still you can use a paper towel and glass cleaner we need to do one final clean in
the inside and outside of the glass.

Cleaning Wood Heater Glass: Using Baking Soda

Although it is the not the most recommended method since it can leave a white powdery residue which is
difficult to remove but it is still effective to remove soot. The process is simple as we see below:
(1) Remove the excess ash and burned wood from the wood heater.
(2)Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply with a wet towel.
(3) Use a dry paper towel to remove excess soot and clean it dry.

To conclude,

wood heater glass is used best when the heater is used in a proper manner and will
always need more cleaning when used on a regular basis. So it is always essential to keep it clean before
the glass gets cloudy or is blackened. You can always refer to any of the above 3 Easy Methods to clean
Wood Heater Glass. However it is now easier to clean as most log burners has a system called “air-wash
system”. In this system air vents around the wood heater is used to draw inside a flow of air that keeps
smoke and fuel away from inner window. Did you recently clean your wood heater glass? Do let us know
which of the method did you find to be most affective of the above 3 methods to clean wood heater glass.