In the past few years Essential oils such as Bergamot Oil have taken over aroma diffusers and medical
shelves. Essential Oils are obtained from natural source by distillation and have the properties of the
source from which it is extracted such as roots, leaves or flower of plant or trees. Here we will know
about Bergamot Oil which is extracted from the skin (outer layer) of Citrus Fruit which grows on
Bergamot Orange Trees. Although originated in Southeast Asia it is now grown in many parts of the
world and has multiple uses for humans as well as pets. The question here however is Bergamot Oil safe
for dogs? What are the full insights on the matter? Let’s Dig in to some answers.

Is Bergamot Oil Safe to Spread Out Around Your Dog!!

Essential Oils such as Bergamot Oil has chemical that are quickly absorbed by the Dog and if not used
accordingly it can cause harm to its respiratory system as dogs are more sensitive to smell. It can also
result in Skin Irritation for dogs. So Bergamot oil should not be diffused around dogs. Especially if the oil
is near the pooch of the dog it could lead to toxic effect which will cause harm to your pet and result in
unnecessary ordeal.

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When Not to Use Bergamot Oil For Dogs!!

Bergamot Oil is harmful for both young and elderly dogs when not used properly and under advised
conditions. Let’s see when not to use Bergamot Oil:
1. Avoid using Bergamot Oil if your dog is not older than 8 weeks.
2. If the Bergamot Oil is applied in the fur or skin of the dog and if the dog licks it, it can get a
gastrointestinal upset sometimes so it is advised to immediately contact a veterinarian when such case
arises. So notice if your dog licks the Bergamot oil applied.
3. If after using Bergamot oil you see changes in the behavior of your dog.
4. As Bergamot Oil contains a compound that causes photosensitive reactions. Therefore don’t use it if
you are taking your dog for a walk in the sunlight.
5. One of the chemical components of Bergamot’s chemical ingredient is bergapten which makes topical
application of bergamot phototoxic to dogs. So it is necessary to use bergapten-free Bergamot Oil.

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Symptoms of Bergamot Oil Toxicity

Bergamot oil contains a toxin called psoralens which causes poisoning when dog ingests it. Besides the
canine aromatherapy (helps dog balance and treat physical and behavioral problems) is safe only when

properly diluted. So, if your dog suffers from Bergamot Oil Toxicity, here are some of the following
symptoms that you can be notice:
5.A lack of appetite
6.Muscle Tremor (Involuntary Movement due to muscle contraction which might be due to liver or
kidney failure or due to underlying medical condition)
7.Hypothermia (A condition when the dog’s body loses more heat than the heat created in the body
which leads to a dangerously low temperature) And
8.Dermatitis (Skin irritation and rashes)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bergamot Oil Toxicity in Dogs:

If the dog has ingested Bergamot oil it is necessary to see a veterinarian. The veterinarian will perform the
I. Firstly, Gastric Lavage and Charcoal Activation need to be done. Gastric lavage is a
decontamination technique which targets to empty stomach of toxic substances by sequential
addition of small volumes of fluid through a Nasogastric tube and Charcoal Activation reduces
absorption of substances in intestines and stomach.
II. The dog’s fur will be then washed to avoid dermal exposure.
If there are further signs of toxicity developing in the dog’s body the veterinarian will do the following:
(1) If the dog’s liver and kidney is affected IV fluids will be needed to hydrate the body
(2) If there are burns on esophagus and mouth of the dog a feeding tube is necessary to feed it.
(3) Based on symptoms the veterinarian can prescribe medication for pain, anti-ulcer and other
After the treatment, recovery of your pet will depend on the amount of Bergamot oil the dog ingested and
when it was detected and its treatment.

How To Use BERGAMOT OIL Safely:

It is always important to check essential oils before using around pets and also it is recommended to know
how to use it safely. Although we have talked about the negative side effects that bergamot oil may cause
and its treatment, Bergamot Oil is actually a Safe Essential Oil. It is used for scent and topically with only
a few drops being added to the dog’s bath or it being diluted with other carrier oil such as sweet almond,
jojoba oil or coconut oil (fractionated) and is rubbed on the skin of the dog.

Benefits of Bergamot Oil

The Oil is rubbed on the dog’s skin due to the fact that:
1. Bergamot Oil has a good sedative as it is Calming and uplifting mood of the dogs. As dog
sniffing capability aids in their innate sense of smell so a scent they enjoy keep them in happy
play mode. It can also increase its appetite.
2. It also contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties for the skin
treatment of the dog. Especially it is known for treatment of bacterial ear infections, as well as
infections caused by Yeast. Bergamot oil also helps in maintain the pH of a dog skin and is
beneficial if the dog has allergies. The Bergamot Oil’s antibacterial properties also help to
prevent growth of bacteria and infections
3. Bergamot Essential Oil contains anti-septic properties which can help in reducing the fever of
dogs when caused by viral infections or constipations.
4. Bergamot Oil has antioxidant effects as it helps to flake off the excess keratin of dogs and help
the skin become more shiny and smoother. The oil also helps fight free Radicals that are
responsible for aging of dogs. Bergamot Oil is a good choice for dry and dull coats as it makes
the coat healthier.
To conclude, you should always maintain caution even if Bergamot Oil comes with “dog-safe” option.
Many Pet owners also worry about the presence of Citrus Auruntium as it triggers seizures in pets. So it is
necessary to apply only a little amount of Bergamot Oil. It is a good idea to dilute it with carrier oil or
mix it with other oil that the dog likes. However it is best to consult your vet when you use a particular
type of essential oil such as Bergamot Oil and know the full in sights of the Oils nature. So what Oil do
you prefer for your Pet? Do you think Bergamot Oil is Safe for your Dog? Let us know what benefits of
bergamot Oil did you noticed in your pet dog.