How To Remove Buffalo Stains From Carpet: 5 Easy Steps

Stain Removal of Sauce is one of the common problems we face in our daily life. All of us have heard and eaten Buffalo sauce as it is best described as a mixture of flavors and it has a reddish orange color with an oily texture. Although it adds a unique flavor to our favorite meal, the stains left by the sauce on the carpet can leave one frustrated and it can get really messy if not dealt with properly. So it is essential for one to know about how to remove buffalo sauce stains from carpet. The question however arises that can the buffalo sauce stain be permanently removed and is there a process to fix it easily.

Buffalo Stain is not permanent!!

It is true that many worry about the aftermath of a party or gathering where the hot buffalo sauce leaves a
stain over our precious carpet. But you don’t need to worry as these stains are not permanent and can be
easily removed using household products such as vinegar and heavy duty detergent which is easily
available at super shops. It is to be noted that a stain removal stick eases the process of stain removal and
the sooner the fresh stain can be treated the better are chances of its removal. Before moving to the type
of stain removal to follow, its methods and step by step process lets dig into what not to do to remove

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Worst things to do when your Carpet is stained:

Sometimes we try to solve the problem by rubbing or don’t notice the stains left behind in the carpet
which can ruin our carpet. So don’t do this when you have buffalo sauce in your carpet:
1. Never put a stained carpet in a machine dryer as the heat can act as a catalyst to make the mark
2. Rubbing a stain can further spread the sauce and also contaminate deeper into the fabric of the
carpet fibers.

Course of Action to Removing Buffalo Sauce Stain from Carpet:

We can remove hot sauce such as Buffalo Sauce Stain from Carpet using a cleaning solution, White Cloth
or sponge, Vinegar and Water.

Step 1: Pull out any solid or liquid on the surface of the carpet

By using a knife or spoon take out the solids from the sauce. Next blot the stain from the liquid surface
with a napkin or white cloth. However never rub the surface. Also go in circular motion from the outside
edge to the center so as to avoid the mark from spreading.

Step 2: Making the Solution for Cleaning:

You can make two types of cleaning solution:

I. Mix 2 cups of hot water with one table spoon of dishwashing liquid to make a solution.
II. Mix a solution consisting of dishwashing liquid with 2 cups of chilled water and 1/4 th cup of
white vinegar (Recommended)
The second solution is preferable as vinegar is acidic and acts as a catalyst to charge up the molecules of
stains and the charge molecules are then attracted and one can bolt out the stain liquid.

Step 3: Treat the stain with the Cleaning Agent Made:

Use a sponge, white cloth or soft brush to apply the solution and as before work from outside to the
center. Remember to move to a dry and clean area of the cloth or sponge until no more stain is soak able
by it.

Step 4: Removing Residues from Cleaning Solution:

In order to make the area dry and not attract additional dirt due to the soapy solution of our cleaning agent
we use lukewarm water to bolt away additional liquids.

Step 5: Drying the Carpet and reverting it back to its Original State:

Finally we need to air dry the carpet by placing fans and dehumidifiers in the room such that additional
water is evaporated and finally the carpet is dry. This may take some time so if you have a dry cleaner
Vacuum the process is expedited.

The Salt Magic to Remove Hot Sauce Carpet Stains:

Salt works acts as a great tool to remove sauce stains from carpet, not only is it cheaper but due to its very
strong dehydrating properties and abrasiveness which makes it work as a detergent or scrubber. The Salt
Hack to remove carpet stains in 3 simple steps:
1. First using a spoon or dull knife to take the excess sauce from above the carpet.
2. Put a generous amount of table salt on the stained area and keep it on the area to absorb the liquid.
3. Now use napkins to gently remove the salt residues and run a vacuum cleaner.
Repeat the process until the salt stops absorbing and after running the vacuum over the area you will see
the stained area is now reverted back to its original state and is better as it is dry due to the absorption
property of the salt.

Using Bleach to Remove Buffalo sauce Stains from non-white cotton Carpet

Liquid bleach is a solution of Sodium hypochlorite and is a process of whitening the fabric. In order to
use this method the carpet has to be made of non-white cotton fabric and the bleach has to be oxygen

based as its safe for most washable fabrics except for the wool, silk or leather. As this process is subjected
to conditions of color and fabric one should keep in mind the requirements before following it.

Other Quick Fixes to Buffalo Stain:

Another easy solution can be soaking up the sauce with a clean white cloth or napkin and go in a circular
motion from the circumference to the center. Then applying water and vinegar solution in a 1:1 ratio we
need to apply the solution by pressure and remember never rub the stained area. Repeat the process as
much as needed until the carpet is clean and dry.

When to Call for Professional Help to Remove Stains:

Although the above processes are quite handy and can easily remove buffalo stains it is advised to consult
with professional if the carpet is a vintage or if it says dry-clean-only. In order to choose the appropriate
treatment it is necessary to point out and identify the stain to your professional cleaner.

To conclude, the red stains of Buffalo sauce can spread quickly. It is usually advised to deal with it as
soon as possible. We have given quite a few solutions such that anyone with no prior can fix it with
whichever solution you can make or have available at home. So, what’s stopping you from a clean carpet
Do let us know which solution you have tried.